I will build your roadmap to success.

For exceptional, purpose-driven content that increases your search rankings and conversions, I’ve got the solution for you. With the help of a small team, I strategize and develop on-demand content designed to increase your ROI. If you’re looking for a skilled content writer and strategist who delivers measurable results, let’s chat.

Who is Sarah, exactly?

Hey! 👋  I’m Sarah Greenberg, the head of Hey Sarah. After working in the content marketing space for 10+ years, I want to put my knowledge and experience to good use. I love creating and planning content to help businesses like yours grow sustainably.

I’ve worked for agencies, corporations, and small businesses in a variety of industries, including advertising, federal resume writing, science, and health. As an extrovert, I can immerse myself in any environment and team, learn the industry quickly, and determine a company’s content needs and goals.

If you’re looking for a roadmap to content success, I want to work with you.

Get measurable results with my help.

The goal of content marketing is to become a source of knowledge and expertise for your customers. They’re scouring the internet for a solution to their problems, and you should be the one to provide it. My content marketing strategy will lead to measurable results. Using content to increase your rankings and conversions is not an overnight fix. But by tailoring the content to your target audience, you will see measurable results.

Customized to
your industry.

I customize my content strategy for your business to match your industry, your niche, and your target audience. You will receive deeply researched, relevant content your target audience is looking for. With content, quality wins over quantity every time.

Let’s increase your sales.

Using ROI-driven content, I create a long-term marketing strategy for your business. When we continue providing well-researched content that helps your customers in your niche, you become known as an industry leader. With the right content, people find you and buy from you, and you will see an improvement in your search engine rankings and conversions.

What I’ve learned from past experience:

After working in the content marketing industry for 10+ years, I know how to create content that drives results. Your content strategy dictates what type of information we publish to help your target audience find you and buy from you. Everything you receive from me, blog post, landing page, or whitepaper, will be deeply researched and match your company’s brand.